The inflation data released on Wednesday morning for the month of March exceeded analysts’ forecasts, prompting a rare acknowledgment from CNN that prices were increasing at an undesirable rate. This unwelcome news contradicted the desired outcome of both the White House and mainstream media, especially with less than seven months remaining until the 2024 election. According to the consumer price index report, core inflation surged by 3.5 percent compared to the previous year, surpassing initial projections.

Furthermore, the CPI data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics at the Labor Department reveals that prices experienced a moderate increase of 0.4 percent from February to March. This information contradicts the predictions made by analysts, as they had anticipated a year-to-year surge of 3.4 percent and a month-to-month rise of 0.3 percent. The announcement of these figures was broadcasted by host Kate Bolduan during a live segment on CNN Wednesday.

“This just in: Inflation is headed in the wrong direction right now,” Bolduan told her network’s declining audience.

She added, “The latest consumer price report just out shows prices up 3.5 percent. This over the same time last year.”

Network business correspondent Rahel Solomon proceeded to analyze the figures in more detail.

“You put it pretty well there. This is moving in the wrong direction,” Solomon told Bolduan.

“A 3.5 percent on an annual basis, to put that in context, that is hotter than what we were expecting and certainly hotter than we saw the month prior,” she continued.