(CBrief) – A CNN panel erupted after a former Obama staffer and a former Bush staffer clashed. The panel was discussing the impact of Latino voters in the coming midterm elections when things went haywire.

“According to some polling, (Blake) Masters is close to (Mark) Kelly,” former special assistant to George W. Bush, Scott Jennings said, referring to the Arizona Senate race. “I don’t know if he’s gonna win, but it’s a very close…”

“Do you want to bet money on that race?” former Obama White House deputy chief of staff Jim Messina interrupted.

“Do I want to bet money?” Jennings hit back.

“You wanna bet money on the governor’s race?” “You’re just holding the Republican line in everything you’ve said tonight,” Messina argued. “Let’s be in the middle.”

“Scott, come on,” the former Obama staffer said. “Enough with the talking points.”

“I feel like your debate with Karl Rove that you had before you came here — like, your ears are clogged,” Jennings hit back. “I’m telling you…”

“No,” Messina interrupted. “I’m just concerned that the RNC gave you the talking points and now you can’t shift.”

“I tell you what, man, do you have a single friend?” Jennings said. “You’re an absolute jerk.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t come on here and read talking points. You know me, and you know me, and you,” he said to the panel. “I don’t come on here and read talk– I don’t even know you, and you’ve come out here and insulted me … I don’t want to be accused of reading talking points.”