(Breitbart) – [WARNING: Adult Language]

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said Sunday on MSNBC’s “Velshi ” that Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) “excuses” of inflation and concern over the continuing pandemic are “complete bullshit” after Manchin announced he would not vote for President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act.

On Fox News Sunday, Manchin said, “You have the debt we’re carrying, $29 trillion. You have also the geopolitical unrest that we have. You have the COVID, the COVID variant. And that is wreaking havoc again. People are concerned. I mean I’m with my family. I know everyone is concerned. So when you these things coming at you the way they are right now, I’ve always said this, if I can’t go home and explain it to people of West Virginia, I can’t vote for it.”

Omar said, “I mean, we all knew that Senator Manchin couldn’t be trusted. The excuses he just made, I think, are complete bullshit. It is really disheartening to hear him say that he has been trying to get there for the people of West Virginia because that’s a complete lie. The people of West Virginia would greatly benefit from their families having access to long-term elderly care and care for folks with disabilities. They would benefit from the expansion of the child tax credits. They will benefit from having access to pre-k. There are just so many things that, you know, the people of West Virginia desperately need. And we know that he is not working on behalf of their interests, and I really am just completely disappointed and disgusted by his reasoning.”