(Western Journal) – If you had to wonder why President Joe Biden’s handlers want to keep the media from asking him questions, you need only look at his interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt, which aired Thursday.

In a clip that’s going viral in a bad way, Biden took three tries to name the country from which his administration withdrew in disgrace, leaving Kentucky GOP Rep. Thomas Massie to wonder what would happen if the president tried to call a bingo game.

The clip was another reminder that America has a president experiencing all the outward signs of cognitive decline — something The Western Journal has been pointing out since he began running in earnest. We’ll continue chronicling Biden’s unfitness for office.

The awkward moment came as Biden tried to explain why keeping America in Afghanistan, even at low levels, wasn’t a tenable solution.

“There is no way we were ever going to unite Ukraine,” Biden said. Then: “I mean, excuse me, Iraq — Afghanistan.”

Unfortunately, three tries is only good in Wordle, not when naming which country your administration abandoned in an anarchic rush.

On Twitter, Massie — a Kentucky Republican with a noted libertarian streak — ridiculed Biden for the gaffe.

“Imagine the chaos that would ensue if he tried calling out bingo numbers at the nursing home,” he tweeted Thursday night.

Here’s a better thought: Imagine the chaos that might have been averted in Afghanistan had Joe Biden been calling bingo numbers in a nursing home, not calling the shots from the White House.

He wasn’t the only one who had a negative reaction to the clip, either: