(CBrief) – CNN’s Don Lemon has been embroiled in controversy in recent weeks, so perhaps they are trying to make his job even easier moving forward.

The program “CNN This Morning” ran an entire segment on Thursday on a supposed debate about President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden ordering the same pasta dish at a restaurant.

Below is a transcript of the bizarre exchange that never seemed to end:

DON LEMON: It’s really important. But now for the really important stuff. Getting an inside look at the first couple’s most recent date night, which has a lot of people talking. Why? Well President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden hit the town last weekend at a well-known D.C. restaurant, The Red Hen. They shared some wine, some bread and a salad. Pretty standard date procedure, right? Well, this is where things get a little more interesting because, maybe even controversial? Because according to The Washington Post, for the entree portion, the president ordered the rigatoni with fennel sausage ragu, and the first lady ordered the same thing! The mezzi rigatoni, the sausage ragu, rigatoni for the POTUS rigatoni for the FLOTUS. There’s a song in there, I like that. I have heard from a very reliable source, a certain CNN This Morning co-anchor here who knows the D.C. scene very well. Says the pasta they ordered, possibly the best thing on the menu. But you’ve got to ask, why not share? Or try two different pastas? Okay, so all of that in jest. But we know, we’re talking about this. Honestly. We were like, why is this a story? Well, I’ll tell you, Tim and I order the same thing all the time. I mean…

POPPY HARLOW: Yes, we do all the time too. What’s the scoop?

ARLETTE SAENZ: I mean, when I went to the Red Hen, I ordered the rigatoni. That’s, like my favorite dish. And if you think about the Bidens, they love pasta. They love red sauce pasta. And so it’s not entirely surprising, I think, that, you know, they’ve been married for so long that they’re fine doing things their own way. And if they both want to get the same dish, they’re both going to get the same dish.

KAITLAN COLLINS: People say you’re supposed to order something different.

DON LEMON: Why didn’t you bring us the pasta?

POPPY HARLOW: Yes, I agree with Kaitlan that you should order something different and then reach over the table.

KAITLAN COLLINS: Yeah, I do think typically that’s the debate is that people that you’re supposed to order something different, be adventurous.