(Right Scoop) – Meet the new fraud, same as the old fraud. Karine Jean-Pierre is replacing Jen Psaki at the White House briefing room podium, but you might not be able to tell the difference. She’s exactly as cookie-cutter MSNBC/CNN lib as her predecessor and everyone else that works at and runs the “Biden” White House.

You almost can’t believe it when you see it all put in one place, this absolute free reign the left is given by the media, and AS the media, to say anything they want about Republicans without ever getting any pushback or follow-up or disagreement whatsoever. The American “press” are so deeply in the tank they almost don’t know the tank exists.

There is no consequence for what you’re about to see. No one remotely expects fairness, objectivity, or an even hand in our media or in our government’s primary communications.

There are SOOOO many more examples from the New York Post here.

Every press secretary is by the nature of the job partisan, obviously. But being a partisan isn’t the same as being a committed, radical ideologue who deliberately made herself an ally of some press and enemy of others.

It’s disgusting.