(The Post Millennial) – Environmental activists affiliated with the UK-based “Insulate Britain” have developed a new tactic during their over-the-top protests: gluing their hands and even their faces to the road in order to prevent a quick forcible removal.

Protestors from the group have taken to the roads of London once again Monday morning, blocking Southwark Bridge in the centre of the capital.

Authorities slowly removed a protestor’s hand which had been glued to the pavement, blocking the road and causing traffic jams which the protesters say worsen the air quality of the area. A gloved man is gingerly trying to pry the female protestor’s hand off the asphalt. Cops attempted to use solvent in order to free their hands and then arrest them, LADbible reported.

Another protester had glued the side of his head to the payment in a similar fashion. The man was surprisingly calm as he described exactly what was happening. He pointed out that, in order for them to free them, he will have to cut off a large section of his hair from the pavement.

“My face was totally glued, but now I’ve worked most of that off, but the hair is still stuck. So, with these scissors, I’m just trying to cut the hair,” he said.

“Do you regret the gluing?” the man was asked.

He responded, “Yeah, it’s not one of my better moods, yes. But it was to sort of make a statement that things are fairly critical.”

The “Insulate Britain” movement has been staging multiple protests lately all across the UK. The theatrical demonstrations in recent months typically involve blocking public roads, usually important and busy ones.

In one case, a woman was having a stroke and was caught behind one of these blockades on the way to the hospital. She was forced to wait for six hours in unmoving traffic while suffering from the stroke. She is now completely paralyzed on her left side, and unable to do such basic things as speak.