(TPM) – Back on Wednesday, Quinnipiac published their latest national poll asking how Americans feel about the Biden administration. The results had only 33 percent of respondents approving of the current president’s performance, versus a 54 percent saying they disapproved of the way things are going.

CNN couldn’t sugarcoat it in their Friday morning segment, hosted by John Berman.

The network brought in their polling expert Harry Enten, to explain how bad things have gotten for Joe Biden.

“There were four different polls released this week, Quinnipiac we had a hard public opinion strategies polls, as with NBC or CNBC, Ipsos, Reuters, CBS News, YouGov. I want you to look, these numbers kind of differ, they range from the low 30s to the low 40s. Low 40s is not good either.”

“But what’s key is the lowest are tied to the low for the pollster, lowest here, lowest here,” Enten said about the significance of the latest ratings slump.

However, what Berman wanted to know was the usual question asked when it comes to approval polls: is Biden doing worse than Trump?

This go-around, Enten had to admit that he was.

“You know, there was always that thing? ‘Oh, Donald Trump has the lowest approval rating at this point in his presidency.’ We did it over and over and over and over again. Well, at this point in his presidency, Donald Trump’s numbers, actually, his average approval rating is one point higher than Joe Biden’s, which is 41 percent, Donald Trump at 42 percent.”

“This is the lowest. This is the lowest for anyone who is elected to the presidency and then get up there through the vice presidency. This is a really, really, really bad number.”

It was at the end of March that MSNBC had to admit to viewers that Biden’s approval poll results were “moving the wrong direction.”