Leftist pro-Hamas protesters have targeted First Lady Jill Biden, adding her to the growing list of prominent Democrats who have faced criticism from these anti-Semitic sympathizers. These protesters have been increasingly disruptive during speeches and public appearances by top Democratic and government officials.

Their demands include the complete halt of U.S. support for Israel, a nation currently facing numerous challenges, and the cessation of Israel’s defensive actions against Hamas terrorists in Gaza. The Hill reported that during her campaign speech in Arizona on Saturday, the first lady encountered interruptions from pro-Hamas protesters on at least two occasions.

During her speech in Tucson, Arizona on Saturday as part of the “Women for Biden-Harris” tour, First Lady Jill Biden remained unharmed despite the presence of two disruptive demonstrators. Event security promptly intervened and removed both individuals from the premises. The purpose of the tour is to show support for President Biden’s re-election campaign. As First Lady Biden commenced her address, a young woman in the audience stood up and shouted about the need for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Despite the protester’s continued incoherent yelling, the crowd responded by drowning out her voice and attempting to restrain her. A security official swiftly intervened, apprehended the protester, and escorted her away from the scene.

Shortly thereafter, another demonstrator purportedly rose and vociferated towards the initial lady, asserting, “Our tax dollars are facilitating a genocide against women and girls who hold significance.”

In a similar fashion, they were met with opposition from fellow attendees and subsequently escorted out of the gathering under the supervision of security personnel.