Chris Cuomo, the former CNN anchor, has now confessed to using Ivermectin, a therapy that he previously criticized and ridiculed on air. He is using this treatment to address persistent symptoms from a previous infection.

In the year 2021, Joe Rogan, the host of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” disclosed that he had taken Ivermectin after contracting COVID-19. Cuomo, along with his colleague Don Lemon, joined in mocking the use of this anti-parasitic drug, which the liberal media had derogatorily referred to as a “horse dewormer.”

During that time, in an Instagram video, the podcast host mentioned feeling unwell with a fever and sweats before being diagnosed with COVID-19. He stated that he immediately pursued various treatment options, including Ivermectin. Cuomo and Lemon, acting as loyal supporters of the government, openly ridiculed Rogan on CNN, expressing their desire to “shame” him.

“What person — you know, you talk about cancel culture and who to shame. Ivermectin, a dewormer, really?” Cuomo asked as Lemon chucked incredulously.

“They are shaming themselves — no one has to shame them. They’re shaming themselves,” Lemon responded.

“No, they need to be shamed,” Cuomo said. “They need to be called out and shamed, brother.”


At that time, individuals who confessed to using or contemplating the use of the medication were criticized due to the ongoing anti-Ivermectin narrative echoed by the mainstream media.

Currently, it appears that Cuomo is openly retracting his previous stance.

In an unexpected development, the NewsNation anchor disclosed on Tuesday that he not only takes Ivermectin but also regularly consumes it to address the lasting effects of an infection, which manifest as an inflammatory reaction and cognitive impairment. While appearing on Patrick Bet-David’s “PBD Podcast,” Cuomo acknowledged his misinformation during the COVID-19 crisis.

Watch the full exchange: