(The Post Millennial) – Geraldo “Geraldo” Rivera made an argument during “The Five” on Fox News that suggested Ghislaine Maxwell is a victim of the authorities given how she was held without bail.

After months in custody, the former partner of Jeffrey Epstein is facing trial proceedings in New York City starting this week. But at least one person in the media isn’t happy that Ghislaine Maxwell was held by officials for so long.

Questions surrounding the case had been levied earlier this month about the specific limitations in scope. But Geraldo argued Ghislaine Maxwell was victimized since her 2020 apprehension.

“I am outraged by the Maxwell case,” Geraldo says while slamming the table.

“Ghislaine Maxwell has been in jail for seventeen months for no bail! They gave her no bail! She is sitting in prison prior to trial, accused — get this — of events that happened between 1994 and nine-ninety…” is all Geraldo is able to say before other hosts of The Five jump in to interject.

Multiple people shout at Geraldo that Ghislaine Maxwell is a flight risk.

(Details of the psychological decline of financier Jeffrey Epstein in a New York prison were obtained by The New York Times. The circumstances surrounding his death intensified the precautionary measures placed on Maxwell while in custody.)

“A flight risk?!? She offered to put up a 28.5 million dollar bond,” Geraldo responds.

Jesse Watters refutes him by saying Maxwell would escape to a country with no extradition agreement with the United States.

“You take her, you throw her into solitary confinement….” Geraldo says before Dagen McDowell jumps in to educate him about federal bail law.

“You’re defending a sex trafficker!” someone else yells.

“The prosecutors in this case are guilty of political lawyering,” Geraldo mutters.

Dagen McDowell points out that Ghislaine Maxwell was “hiding during COVID” in a million dollar house. US officials apprehended her at a New Hampshire estate in July 2020. She then says in 1984, US Congress passed federal bail law that allows denial of it on two criteria: flight risk and danger to the community.

Concerns of media complacency over Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were uncovered by Project Veritas. They published remarks by anchor Amy Robach talking about how ABC News was afraid of backlash from the Royal Family if they ran an interview about allegations made about Prince Andrew.