Harris Faulkner, the Fox News host, confronted a former Clinton administration official who attempted to evade questions regarding criticism of President Joe Biden’s character by redirecting the conversation towards former President Donald Trump. Biden’s reelection campaign has shifted its focus towards criticizing Trump’s character, as evidenced by a $50 million ad buy following Trump’s May 30 conviction on 34 felony counts of falsification of business records by a Manhattan jury, as reported by Axios.

During the discussion, Faulkner questioned Matt Bennett, a former Clinton White House aide, about a recent Washington Examiner op-ed that criticized Biden for attacking Trump’s character. This came after Biden made false claims about a truck driver involved in a 1972 accident that resulted in the death of his wife and daughter, checked his watch during a ceremony for servicemembers killed during the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and frequently mentioned the death of his son Beau when meeting with families of fallen soldiers.

“People have seen Donald Trump now in public life for seven years, they know who he is,” Bennett claimed. “They know he ran for president the first time running on a racist lie about Barack Obama not being born in the United States, they know he’s accused people falsely of crimes, that he has attacked people for their disabilities. They know he is an adjudicated rapist and a convicted felon. There is no comparison between these two guys.”