(BLP) – Former President George W. Bush recently referred to his Iraq War as “wholly unjustified and brutal” in what appeared to be a mistake, but then he seemingly owned up to his own war crimes after making his initial remark.

Bush made the comment, which is the most truthful thing that he has ever said, at a conference for his own foundation before correcting himself to say Ukraine. He has emerged as a nagging voice for foreign intervention to put Russia in their place, even if it means risking World War 3.

“Russian elections are rigged. Political opponents are imprisoned or otherwise eliminated from electing in participating in the electoral process. The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia,” Bush said.

“The decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean of Ukraine,” he said before laughing and saying, “Iraq too, anyway.”

The surreal clip can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on Bush being trotted out as a regime propagandist helping the aims of the globalists and the Biden regime:

“Former president George W. Bush said that “violent extremists” in the homeland, who are “children of the same foul spirit” as foreign terrorists, must be “confronted” during his speech on the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks that happened on his watch.

“And we have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come not only across borders but from violence that gathers within,” Bush said in his address on Saturday.

“There’s little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home, but in their disdain for pluralism, in their disregard for human life, in their determination to defile national symbols, they are children of the same foul spirit and it is our continuing duty to confront them,” he added.

The entire clip can be seen here:

If Bush weren’t a globalist, these words could be interpreted as an attack against ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter thugs. However, that is not the case. Bush is pushing the narrative that has been in full effect since Jan. 6 that Trump supporters, conservatives, Republicans, libertarians and American patriots are the real terror threat.”

Bush and the neocon cabal that benefitted mightily from the Sept. 11 attacks are now working with Democrats to finish off what remains of America. This is the Uniparty agenda that must be defeated for America to be great again, with a bipartisan group of political criminals put to justice.