Former President Donald Trump might face the prospect of taking a mugshot if charged in Georgia, despite not having to do so in previous indictments.

District Attorney Fani Willis is reportedly seeking over a dozen indictments against Trump and others. Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat has confirmed that Trump’s photograph will be taken in accordance with the county’s policies.

Labat mentioned, “We follow our own policies and procedures without leniency due to status. There could be a court order requested by his lawyers, or alternative processes, but we will adhere to our policies. If a mugshot is appropriate, we will follow the procedure.”

Labat emphasized the equal treatment of all individuals and stated, “We’ve learned from New York and Miami. We are collaborating with various agencies.”

At the Iowa State Fair, Trump addressed reports of his potential indictment in Fulton County, responding defiantly.

A reporter questioned whether he would consider a plea deal in Georgia. Trump firmly denied this possibility, asserting, “We did nothing wrong. We don’t take plea deals. It’s a wise guy question. We don’t take plea deals because I did nothing wrong. It’s called election interference.”

He criticized the indictments’ issuance, linking them to President Biden and alleging interference in the election process. Trump stated, “They got the attorney general to do it. And then you see how stupid they acted yesterday with the appointment of the special counsel. They call it special counsel. And what a crazy thing that was.”

Trump also expressed concerns about the country’s state and vowed to improve it.

Last week, Willis responded to attacks against her, labeling them as business-related rather than personal. In an email, she criticized an ad running in the local market, advising her staff not to engage with it.

Willis clarified her stance on investigations, asserting, “We have no personal feelings against those we investigate or prosecute and we should not express any. This is business; it will never be personal.”

The ad accused Willis of being “Biden’s newest lackey” and made inaccurate claims about her handling of cases. It also alleged that she had a relationship with a gang member she prosecuted, referencing an incorrect article from Rolling Stone.

However, the Rolling Stone article merely included an interview with YSL Mondo, a former client of Willis. It did not mention any affair, and the inaccuracies of the ad were highlighted.