(CBrief) – Louisiana GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy tore into CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins on Thursday morning when the two got into a heated debate over President Joe Biden’s stance on Social Security.

During an interview on “CNN This Morning” from Capitol Hill, the Republican senator hit back at Collins by slamming Biden’s unwillingness to work with Republicans to save Social Security. The Republican senator scoffed when Collins attempted to defend the president and told her she was “better than that.”

Things heated up after Collins mentioned the Silicon Valley Bank collapse and brought up Social Security. Cassidy told the anchor that “the Social Security trust fund is going broke in nine years” and then hammered Biden by saying, “The president knows that he keeps telling the American people it’s no problem. He has not told us what he wants to do.”

Cassidy then slammed his fists together in frustration and declared: “It is going broke in nine years. At that point, there’ll be a 25% cut, and when someone who is depending on Social Security – a 25% in what they’re getting, and the president doesn’t seem to care!”

Collins replied, saying, “The White House would push back on that, I should say.”

Cassidy swiftly fired back: “How? What is their plan? He has not announced a plan!”

“Now, how do they protect it? Because yesterday she was asked in committee, and she could not give an answer about their plan,” Cassidy added when Collins claimed the Biden administration has promised to “protect” Social Security.

The CNN anchor noted, “I don’t work for the White House” and reiterated she simply heard from the White House that there was a plan to make Social Security “solvent after the next decade.”

“They’ve not presented a plan,” Cassidy said while gritting his teeth. “The president’s willing to let this go bankrupt because he doesn’t want to talk about it before his re-election. It is irresponsible, it is foolish, and it is wrong for the American people.”

Cassidy scoffed at the idea, saying, “Well of course, because that’s what they have to retreat to.” Collins pointed out the Scott is Cassidy’s colleague, to which the senator resorted to mocking the argument. He added, “Oh yeah and there’s a Democrat who said something kinda stupid too. And so we’re going to take one person as a reason not to engage when the average beneficiary will see a 25% cut.”

Collins persisted, saying, “But he’s not just an average Senator,” a line which made Cassidy visibly exasperated. He chided her, saying, “Oh c’mon, Kaitlin, you know better than that. It’s one senator saying that the president gloms onto because he doesn’t want to actually come up with a plan.”