(The Post Millennial) – Fox News host Greg Gutfeld slammed President Biden on Tuesday for boasting that his administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, that left 13 members of the US Armed forces dead in a terrorist attack, was a strategic and historic success.

“If you’re leaving 10 percent behind, I don’t think the war is over,” Gutfeld said. “You can play with the rhetoric and talk about it… but it doesn’t feel that way.”

In Biden’s address to the nation on Tuesday, the President claimed that 90 percent of Americans that wanted to flee Afghanistan were able to do so. The White House claimed that roughly 200 United States citizens were left behind, although many believe the administration isn’t being transparent and that the number is much higher.
According to Army veteran and Fox News host Pete Hegseth, the number of citizens left behind is closer to 500.

“Imagine saying ‘we leave nobody behind except for the 10 percent,'” Hegseth said during a panel on Greg Gutfeld. “Last time I did the math, 5,000 Americans came out, which means 10 percent is 500—a larger number than they reported previously.”

“We’re a country that is paralyzed by smartphone videos of police brutality. Do you know what you can do to this country with 500 hostages, 500 executions?” Gutfeld said in response.

During a Tuesday press briefing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the White House is focused on “getting every American citizen out.”

“That has not changed,” Psaki said.

“The president remains committed to getting every American citizen who wants to get out, out,” said Psaki. “That’s an enduring commitment, one that will not change and one we’re going to focus on every single day.”
Fox News host Dana Perino expressed shock that the Biden administration celebrated the obvious disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“The administration won’t give you any numbers on how many interpreters they got out and I have a feeling it’s because it’s really small, talking to our Pentagon reporters today. Celebrating the withdrawal while seeking credit for it but yet we have these Americans and allies left behind, it’s a very hard thing to thread,” Perino said.