Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s chances of winning the 2024 GOP presidential primary are considered slim, and Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany believes that his strategy is further reducing his odds of winning.

Despite frequently criticizing former President Donald Trump, for whom he served as head of the 2016 White House transition team, Christie has been expressing support for the Biden Justice Department and the FBI. This stance is drawing criticism, particularly considering the ongoing focus of these institutions on Trump, who has faced multiple indictments, including for a crime similar to one President Biden himself has been accused of.

After Christie defended FBI Director Christopher Wray, McEnany, on “Outnumbered,” remarked that his position is unlikely to resonate with Republicans, especially Trump’s supporters. McEnany played a clip of Christie expressing his recommendation of Wray to President Trump, along with his praise for Wray’s efforts to address the issues within the FBI.

McEnany responded to Christie’s stance, stating that his message of support for the FBI might not resonate well in a GOP primary characterized by widespread distrust for the agency. She mentioned that although Wray has made positive changes within the bureau, he hasn’t addressed some of the critical concerns that people have.

McEnany also commented on recent indictments against former President Donald Trump, emphasizing the political optics surrounding them. She highlighted Trump’s high approval ratings among Republican voters and contrasted his situation with President Biden’s relatively relaxed demeanor amid ongoing legal proceedings.

McEnany’s remarks suggest that Christie’s strategy of supporting the Biden administration and expressing trust in institutions like the FBI could work against him in a Republican primary where many voters are skeptical of these entities and value alignment with Trump’s policies and viewpoints.