(CBrief) – Fox News co-host Kayleigh McEnany shared some heartwarming and touching news with fans this week.

During an interview on Christian World News, McEnany opened up about her faith, her new book that was released earlier this month, and her struggles getting pregnant with her second child. McEnany spoke about what she called the darkest moment of her life, which was the difficulties she experienced trying to become pregnant with her second child, Nash, who came into the world in November.

“Several months passed, and negative pregnancy tests were ample. As spring of 2022 approached, part of me began to worry. Why wasn’t I getting pregnant? I attempted to overcome worry by leaning on faith,” she said.

But then a friend gave her a copy of Mark Batterson’s “Draw the Circle: The 40-Day Prayer Challenge,” and she decided to practice what the book preached.

“As I tried to pray with expectation, Satan did his best to infiltrate with worry, doubt, and frustration,” McEnany said. Not long after, she took a home pregnancy test — and then another to be sure — and both showed she had become pregnant.

McEnany, who previously served as the press secretary in the Trump administration, shared how prayer played a role in helping her get past doubt, fear, and worry.

“There’s such a yearning in this country,” she said, citing anger, crime, animosity, and other horrors. “They are all symptom of the much bigger problem and it is the problem of evil that is loose in this country.”