(CBrief) – Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert is furious at DirecTV for removing Newsmax and warned about what could come next.

She was introduced before she spoke in the House by fellow Republican Colorado Rep. Ken Buck who said she is “a young person who has set this place on fire since she’s been here.”

“Thank you so much. Definitely not literally. At midnight Tuesday, January 24th, 2023, Newsmax was removed from DirectTV’s stream, and U-verse denied 13 million customers to this highly-rated news channel. This is not the first time that we’ve seen this, and I’m afraid that it won’t be the last time that we are seeing this here in our great country. OAN, and was de-platformed by Direct TV in April of 2022. So what’s next? Fox News? Will the Weather Channel be canceled next, if they refuse to bow to the left’s alter of climate change,” Boebert said.

“What about the History Channel? We see on a regular basis, the left wants to erase history and deny the truth. How about TBN? There has definitely been an increase in disdain and intolerance by many liberals for Christian beliefs simply by saying we love Jesus. So is TBN next?” the representative said.

“Americans are tired of cancel culture. Conservatives are not being treated fairly. We’re the ones who are censored by big tech. We’re the ones targeted and called domestic terrorists, when moms and dads show up at school board meetings. We’re the ones targeted by the IRS because our organizations have the word patriot in their name. If you’re a conservative pastor, the government persecutes you. If you’re a liberal pastor, well, Joe Biden shows up to your church whether he realizes he’s there or not,” she said.