During his opening testimony at a congressional hearing on Tuesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken faced an immediate interruption from pro-Palestinian protesters. Blinken had appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to address the State Department’s fiscal year 2025 budget request. However, as he commenced his remarks, a group of pro-Palestinian demonstrators in the audience section of the hearing room started shouting him down.

“Thank you for the partnership that I think we’ve been able to manifest, together, to advance American leadership in the world. That is so essential for delivering on the priorities that matter to the people we represent,” Blinken began. “The need for U.S. global leadership, and for cooperation with allies and partners, has never been greater. The People’s Republic of China —”

“Blinken, you will be remembered as the butcher of Gaza!” a protester yelled from the back of the hearing room as Capitol Police rushed to escort him out. “You will be remembered for murdering innocent Palestinians!”