Megyn Kelly conveyed some concerning news to Democrat President Joe Biden amid growing doubts about his prospects in the 2024 election.

During her show, Kelly discussed findings from a recent Wall Street Journal poll that revealed a significant majority of Americans believe Biden is too old to seek re-election:

A total of 73 percent of all voters think that Biden is not suitable for a second term.

Among Democrats, two-thirds share this belief, which is a troubling sign for Biden. In contrast, only 40 percent think that Trump is too old to run again.

“The voters are not ableist, they’re not ageist,” Kelly said.

“They’re taking people on a case-by-case basis and they see a vibrant man in Trump and they see a near-corpse – forgive me, but it’s true – in Biden.”

Eliana Johnson, the editor-in-chief of the Washington Free Beacon, suggested that Biden may not step down because he believes he is the only candidate capable of defeating Trump in the 2024 election.

“I don’t think he thinks Kamala Harris can do it.

“And I don’t think the Democratic Party thinks Kamala Harris can do it.

“And I think that’s why you see the reluctance from Biden to see the stage and open a primary.

“I think Democrats really worry that they don’t have somebody ready to go along the sidelines, partially because there would be deference to Kamala Harris.”

Kelly said: “But Trump, he does have huge numbers within his own party.

“Yet Joe Biden has got his fingers in his ears, and his eyes closed, and is pretending there is no opposition.”