(SNews) – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was brutally heckled in his home state of Kentucky at the annual “Fancy Farm Picnic” on Saturday.

McConnell was booed by the crowd and drowned out with chants of “retire.”

“My friends, I’ll be honest, it’s not hard for Republicans to look good these days,” McConnell said as the boos grew loud.

The crowd in the video below can be heard chanting “retire” and “lost the Senate” as McConnell kept at it saying that he and his wife, Elaine, are “excited to be back” at the event featuring Democrat and Republican speakers.


This comes after McConnell froze giving a speech in Washington D.C. recently and was escorted from the podium by shocked Senators.

The freezing incident came shortly after McConnell reportedly “face-planted” while getting off a plane.

McConnell tripped and fell getting off a plane at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on July 14.

According to NBC: “McConnell, R-Ky., who was a passenger, had a ‘face plant,’ someone who was on the plane at the time but did not witness the fall told NBC News. That passenger also said they spoke to another passenger who helped tend to McConnell.

“McConnell has also recently been using a wheelchair as a precaution when he navigates crowded airports, said a source familiar with his practices.”

Late last month, during his opening remarks, McConnell suddenly stopped talking.

His Republican colleagues asked if he was okay while he looked lost and confused.

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) appeared to make a sign of the cross as if she was praying for McConnell.

A few minutes later, McConnell came back to the press conference by himself.

He stood away from the podium and when asked about his health he said he was fine.

McConnell also tripped and fell on March 8 after an event for the Senate Leadership Fund at the Waldorf Astoria in Washington.

He was hospitalized with a concussion and discharged on March 13.