(The Post Millennial) – A video has surfaced of an altercation between a student and an officer last Thursday morning at Steinbach Regional Secondary School during a student-led walkout against COVID-19, restrictions, including mask and vaccine mandates.

In the clip posted to social media, the cop is seen pushing the student up against the wall outside of the school where the student protest was taking place.

RCMP responded to the altercation between the student and officer caught on camera, maintaining that it was notified about the planned demonstration and that officers were at the scene monitoring and ensuring public safety.

At 11:00 am, the school was “placed in a hold and secure due to demonstrators attempting to gain unauthorized entry into the school,” according to the RCMP.

One student “attempted to gain entry multiple times and was asked to leave the premises by school staff and the RCMP on four separate occasions,” the statement continues. “During one of these instances, the youth grabbed a uniformed officer and could have been arrested for assaulting a police officer,” according to RCMP.

“The youth tried again to enter the school for the fifth time, was once again told to leave, did not comply and continued in his attempts to get inside, at which point an RCMP officer in plainclothes physically intervened to stop him. The youth was warned by the officer that he could be arrested for obstruction and resisting arrest. The youth continued to make attempts to gain entry to the school,” RCMP said.

The Manitoba RCMP said it’s aware of the video and that officers involved used a measured approach and took action to keep community members safe.

A school is placed in a hold and secure when there is reason to believe there exists a real threat to the safety of students and staff inside, Steinback Online reported, noting that no one can be permitted to enter the school building.

Somewhere between 100 and 150 students exited the school during the demonstration, according to the local outlet. A group gathered outside the school comprised of adults who had come out to support the anti-mandate movement.

Student revolts against masking, testing, and vaccine mandates are taking place across North America as school administrations continue to enforce restrictions.