(The Post Millennial) – Nasria, a pregnant 25-year-old native of California still stranded in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and one of the 100 to 200 Americans reported to be trapped there along with her Afghan husband, explained in an exclusive Voice of America video interview how she’s been blocked from reaching the Kabul airport.

While describing her ordeal to VOA’s Pentagon correspondent Carla Babb, she had asked for her full name to not be made public for her own safety.

According to the narrator, Nasria went to Afghanistan, where her family has roots, in June 2021 to visit family members and marry her long-time boyfriend, an Afghan man living in Kabul. The pair had a flight back out booked a long time ago, but it was cancelled once the Taliban started taking the country over.

“There’s been days where, you know, I think to myself: Am I gonna make it home? Am I gonna end up living here? Am I gonna end up dying here? What’s gonna happen?” asked Nasria in the video. “There was a couple of days where we had to sleep on streets. People were literally stepping over people. That’s how bad it was.”

Nasria said she then reached out for help to the State Department who said, “Go to a certain [unintelligible]; you will be picked up […] go there.” She said the detailed location was in the middle of the road, across from the airport.

“So we waited there an extra 12 to 13 hours with no food, no water, nothing,” Nasria said, noting that the Taliban wouldn’t let them through. Nasria said that at one point, she was “walking as fast as I can, and they started shooting right by my leg and told me to come back, or they will shoot me. That’s how it was.”

“… It was like a movie scene, literally a movie scene,” Nasria said.

Nasria said that the State Department has told her to stay where she is and the department will figure the situation out, but she is losing hope.