During his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson covered a wide range of topics over a span of more than two hours. However, it seems that Carlson strategically left the most controversial part of the interview for the end. Approximately 15 minutes before concluding the conversation, Carlson introduced a new line of questioning that clearly made the Russian leader uneasy. This bold move by Carlson garnered significant acclaim on various social media platforms.

“I appreciate all the time you’ve given us,” Carlson started. “I just got to ask you one last question, and that’s about someone who’s very famous in the United States, probably not here: Evan Gershkovitz, who’s the Wall Street Journal reporter. He’s 32 and he’s been in prison for almost a year.”

Carlson, without delay, made his request clear: he sought the liberation of Gershkovitz under his care, to be repatriated to the United States, as a demonstration of Putin’s integrity.

Putin then sighed and furrowed his brow, answering: “We have done so many gestures of goodwill out of decency that I think we have run out of them.”

Putin went on to state that no other country had done the same for Russia, but the conceded that, “In theory, we can say that we can do that if our partners take reciprocal steps.”

The Russian president stated that discussions were already taking place between the “special services” of the United States and Russia, referring to intelligence and diplomatic personnel, regarding the repatriation of Gershkovitz. He expressed his belief that both sides would eventually reach an agreement.

However, Carlson seemed to disagree with this notion, suggesting that Gershkovitz should be treated differently.

“He’s a kid,” Carlson said, “and maybe he was breaking your law in some way, but he’s not a super spy and everybody knows that. … So maybe he’s in a different category.”

Putin adjusted his position in the chair, predictably expressing his disagreement with Carlson’s portrayal of Gershkovitz. He wore a smile as he asserted that the journalist had been apprehended “in the act.”

When pressed further by Carlson, Putin initially stated that he was unaware of Gershkovitz’s employer, but later revealed that the journalist had been affiliated with the U.S. “special services.”

“He’s not just a journalist, I reiterate,” Putin said. “He’s a journalist who was secretly given confidential information.”