Robert F. Kennedy Jr. offered a direct perspective on the border situation to President Joe Biden in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson. Kennedy asserted that the true controllers of U.S. immigration policy are the Mexican drug cartels, not Biden.

Kennedy expressed, “The current state of affairs at the border is a heart-wrenching humanitarian crisis. I, once a critic of Trump’s wall, have since visited the border and engaged with numerous individuals there, leading me to a revised viewpoint.”

He continued, “The ongoing scenario is untenable. The Mexican drug cartels hold a startling influence over U.S. immigration policy, surpassing even the authority of the President of the United States.”

Elon Musk also commented on the situation, labeling it as “a highly chaotic circumstance.”

Kennedy recounted his firsthand experience at the border, sharing, “I invite you to watch an 18-minute documentary that chronicles my journey to the border shared between Arizona, California, and Mexico. During this visit, I witnessed the grim reality of an unregulated influx of desperate individuals crossing the border.”

“After immersing myself in this experience, I’ve reached the conclusion that the open border policy inadvertently funds an extensive drug and human trafficking network run by the Mexican drug cartels.”

In addition, Kennedy expressed his vision for resolving this crisis, stating, “Upon assuming the presidency, I pledge to secure the border, which will effectively dismantle the drug trafficking economy that the cartels rely on.”

“I am committed to constructing generous entry pathways for individuals seeking legal immigration, thus preserving the U.S. as a global symbol of diversity and culture,” he added.