(Right Scoop) – Seriously, I’m telling y’all, this was nuts. Compact and insane. I mean it is dang hard to stand out for being a liar in D.C., much less on MSNBC, but DNC Chair Jaime Harrison did so on Saturday with a truly stunning rant.

“This party, the Republican party, has turned into a party that is built on fraud, on fear, and fascism,” he said, just getting going.

“They are trying to suppress the right of freedom of speech. They’re banning books right now. In Florida they’re trying to keep you from saying certain words. They’re repressing people in terms of their votes at the ballot box. They’re going after women’s rights to control their bodies, and privacy rights. This is a full frontal assault on Democracy coming from the Republican party. It’s something you would see in a place like Russia,” he lied.