The co-hosts of “The View” expressed worries about the potential impact of ongoing anti-Israel protests on college campuses on the Democrats’ anti-Trump Jan. 6 narrative during their recent broadcast. The discussion became heated as they debated the implications of these protests on the upcoming November elections.

Despite differing opinions, the hosts were primarily concerned that the chaos on campus could benefit President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign. Sunny Hostin initiated the debate and clashed with Sarah Haines over the potential distractions caused by these protests. Additionally, Hostin stirred controversy by suggesting that pro-Hamas student protesters were being unfairly targeted by law enforcement. The debate unfolded following a conversation about an upcoming Trump donor event.

Haines punctured the bubble, despite the majority of co-hosts on “The View” making fun of Trump’s legal troubles and his possible choices for running mate. Haines pointed out that a lot of people are feeling compelled to participate in the fundraiser due to the disorder they witness on the news related to the campus demonstrations.

“One of the people with this event said donors are flocking to this event due to the horror of nightly images they see on TV,” Haines said.

The co-host interrupted Haines, asking:

“Do they not remember the visuals on January 6th?

“Do they not remember those visuals of chaos?”

“I think – I think, in the human – literally, humans look at the recent visions,” Haines argued.

“So, nightly image right now matters more to them than January 6th.”

Hostin quickly shot back, “January 6th is ingrained in my memory and it should be ingrained in every single person’s memory in the United States of America.”

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