Argentina’s recently elected president, Javier Milei, stood out as one of the distinguished international speakers at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland last weekend. Milei had the opportunity to meet with former President Donald Trump backstage at CPAC on Saturday, and their spontaneous and amicable interaction quickly gained attention online.

When Milei spotted Trump, he enthusiastically greeted him with a simple “President!” The two men exchanged a brief handshake before Milei proceeded to give the Republican presidential candidate a warm hug, clearly displaying his excitement with a smile.

“I’m very happy. You are very generous to me. Thank you very much, it’s a very big pleasure [to meet you],” Milei said.

“You are doing a great job. I’m very proud of you,” Trump said.

The former president then altered his famous “Make America Great Again” slogan, saying, “MAGA! Make Argentina Great Again!”