Dr. Judith Curry, a renowned climate scientist, has recently revealed the hidden motives behind the alarmist narrative surrounding “global warming.” In a recent interview, she shed light on the true nature of the green agenda industry. Dr. Curry gained significant recognition in the field of climate science when she published a study suggesting a link between global warming and an increase in extreme weather events, including hurricanes. This led to her being hailed as a “rock star” and receiving widespread media coverage. She was even invited on UN-funded trips to promote her claims.

However, her study faced scrutiny from other scientists, and it was eventually discovered that the data she had relied upon was flawed. It became clear that her study did not provide conclusive evidence of the impact of climate change on weather patterns. Following this revelation, Dr. Curry found herself ostracized by the climate change industry. Now, she has decided to speak out about her experience in order to expose the workings of the green agenda industry.

She reveals that she was compelled to use unreliable data to generate alarmism surrounding her study. This highlights the questionable practices employed within the industry to push a particular narrative.

Curry highlights that the scientific community heavily relies on grants to finance their research endeavors. Specifically, the UN exclusively provides funding for studies that align with the globalist perspective on the “climate crisis.”

Curry asserts that climate studies that do not promote alarmism or challenge the prevailing alarmist narratives are disregarded. During a recent interview with journalist John Stossel, Curry sheds light on how the media and academia incentivize climate alarmism. She elucidates the reasons behind their preference for a one-sided narrative.