Republican Senator JD Vance from Ohio elaborated on his concerns regarding the “sham” trial of former President Donald Trump during an interview with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer last Friday. Trump was found guilty by a jury on 34 felony charges related to falsifying business records on Thursday. Vance raised multiple issues with the trial, such as New York Judge Juan Merchan’s contribution to the Biden campaign in 2020, and asserted that the trial’s objective was to brand Trump as a criminal.

“My complaint is with the judge, with the jury instructions that were clearly reversible, with the fact that the judge had donated to the Biden campaign, which should force a recusal under the New York rules for the judge, the fact that his daughter has gotten,” Vance said.


Merchan contributed $15 to Biden’s presidential campaign in 2020, and also gave two $10 donations to the Democratic organizations “Stop Republicans” and “Progressive Turnout Project” through ActBlue, as reported by the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

“Please let me answer the question,” Vance said. “This judge committed multiple elements of reversible error and he did it while his daughter has made a ton of money off of Democratic candidates and while he himself donated to the Biden campaign, you cannot say that this trial was anything more than politics masquerading as justice.”