(Right Scoop) – The media loves nothing more than adopting Dem/Lib talking points and nicknames and using them like they are the official names of things. It’s THEIR Big Lie and it never stops.

It’s especially true about Florida legislation that protects children from predation and nasty lasciviousness from activist weirdos or actual sickos, which the media and Democrats call “Don’t Say Gay” because they are psychopaths.

Megyn Kelly and Dave Rubin talk about it, and for a fairly short and simple presentation, it’s really good. It’s the kind of thing you can show the clip to just about anyone and they’ll understand what the media has done to misrepresent this.

“The word gay is not in it.” That’s the key to telling people the truth.

ps. Let me just say that I absolutely could not care less about whatever angry complaint some y’all want to type below about how much you hate Megyn Kelly or she’s just as bad as the libs. Do not care. Rail away in the comments all you want. I’d rather worry about something important, like the myth that Kelly is busting here. But feel free to talk about it anyway.