(CBrief) – Republican Florida Rep. Byron Donalds went toe to toe with MSNBC host Joy Reid when she confronted him on things he had said about her.

“Last question, we’re out of time. I’m going to go through a few of your voting record items because you made some statements about me, what I have said, and saying I have tried to accuse you of being less Black than other folks which I think is an unfair statement, but that’s fine,” she said during her show on Tuesday.

But Reid called Rep. Donalds’ nomination for speaker of the House a “troll move” last week.

“Their plan is to just keep switching from alternative to alternative. They first tried to go with Jim Jordan, but Jim Jordan is in with McCarthy. And today they did this sort of, not in a surprising move, went with a Black guy with Chip Roy standing up and saying all sorts of things about Martin Luther King quotes and some of them were talking Frederick Douglass. This to me felt like a full troll and this guy was willing to go along with it,” the host said.