Louisiana Senator John Kennedy is undoubtedly the most clever individual in the U.S. Senate. With his quick-witted remarks and clever quotes, Kennedy effortlessly dismantles his opponents’ arguments with a straight face, leaving the entire room in stitches.

What sets Kennedy’s delivery apart is that it is grounded in common sense, a quality that seems to be disappearing in today’s woke era. For instance, during a discussion on Fox News’ “The Story” about Democratic colleagues supporting transgender athletes in women’s sports, Kennedy humorously remarked, “One of my Democratic colleague’s witnesses testified that there are three biological sexes and an infinite number of genders. I’ve heard better answers on the dating game.”

In one of his campaign ads for 2022, Kennedy humorously requested “someone” to inform the commander-in-chief that neither his car nor the greatest economy in human history runs on fairy dust and unicorn urine. Recently, the Louisiana senator skillfully questioned a so-called climate change “expert” with a deadpan expression. Democrats had invited Olympic skier Gus Schumacher to testify on “The Nature of Climate Costs,” based on the significant changes he had personally witnessed in the natural landscape throughout his 23 years of life.