(The Post Millennial) – An unidentified woman is going viral after a video was posted of her screaming at anti-mandate protestors. The incident took place Sunday, when tens of thousands marched in Washington DC in opposition to the newly installed mandate.

“My tax dollars are going to the police, to shut down the road, so that these f*cking white supremacists can party and have a hell of a time celebrating their loser President,” exclaimed the woman, who then stomped her feet and made an “L” shape over her head.

“Go the f*ck home. Stop invading our territory,” she continued.

Later, the same woman went on another unhinged rant, this time about “pedophiles.” The footage was posted by Twitter superstar Libs of TikTok:

The initial viral clip drew a reaction from a number of prominent social media figures. “They would lock up you and your families and not lose a second of sleep over it,” said Jack Posobiec.

“So angry she’s driving a BIG CAR. I mean, do you even care about climate change?” Elijah Schaffer tweeted.

Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn also chimed in saying, “uh oh someone got their woke bubble burst!”

Memes have already been made about the incident.

The large-scale march takes place just a week after DC instituted a vaccine mandate, forcing patrons aged 12 and older to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to enter indoor venues, including restaurants, gyms, and bars.

Feds 4 Medical Freedom, a national grassroots coalition comprised of more than 6,000 federal workers, have also signed onto the March to Defeat the Mandates. They, along with hundreds of firefighters and first responders from Washington, DC, and more from across the country, joined the walk from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial.

According to WTOP News, US Park Police temporary closed 17th Street NW, as demonstrators marched toward the Lincoln Memorial.

At noon, the crowd gathered around the Lincoln Memorial to hear speeches from athletes, doctors and journalists. Speakers at the massive event Sunday also included Dr. Peter A. McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone.