(CBrief) – Former President Donald Trump’s attorney has given an outline of what he anticipates the next steps will be in the indictment and arraignment of his client.

The attorney, Joe Tacopina, appeared on Fox News on Friday night and spoke to host Sean Hannity about the details.

“On Tuesday the president will be arraigned. We expect a mug shot. We expect the president will have his fingerprints. We expect what? Is he going to be perp walked? Is he going to be in handcuffs? Are they going to try and say he can’t have bail?” the host said.

“I don’t think anything dramatic like that is going to happen. Even if they tried to that would further solidify the notion he is being so selectively targeted and treated differently than anyone in the world. You can go smack a police officer in Times Square right now, knock him out, you’ll be out on bail. You’ll get bail, no problem. Are they going to ask bail on a misdemeanor case?” Tacopina said.

“Yeah, but they don’t have the last name Trump, Joe,” Hannity said.

“Of course not. Here’s the thing. We don’t really know what’s going to happen Tuesday because logistically this has never happened. We have the Secret Service involved in an arraignment. When have you seen that before? Never,” the attorney said.

“You have not worked out all those details yet as of this point?” the host said.

“They’re not worked out yet. We have some ideas but no, nothing is worked out yet,” the attorney said.

Of the possible mug shot Hannity said, “My gut instinct tells me that my friend, my colleague Pete Hegseth, who was on last night, he’s going to be proven correct. That photograph will end up on more T-shirts and more hats that say MAGA and Trump 2024.”