(The Post Millennial) – Sean Hannity interviewed former President Donald Trump on Fox News Thursday to react to President Joe Biden’s disastrous Wednesday press conference, that marked Biden’s first year in office.

Reacting to Biden’s much criticized comment about a “minor incursion” into Ukraine by Russia, Trump said, “It was a very sad time for our country. I want him to forget politics, I want him to do well. He’s got to do well.”

“Our country is in trouble… I don’t think we’ve ever had anything like it in this country. When you look at that horrible situation in Afghanistan, the way they got out, getting out was good but the way they got out, we could have gotten that with strength and with dignity and kept Bagram [Air Base].”

Trump followed up by stating that Biden has caused the rest of the world to no longer respect the US.

“I don’t think we’ve ever been in this position… I feel ashamed at what’s happened in the last year with our country. I’m ashamed of what’s going on, and so are Americans. They’re ashamed and embarrassed. They haven’t seen this. I don’t think we’ve ever seen this like this.”

Trump also slammed the border crisis created by Biden. “We would have had the wall completed in three weeks which was largely completed, we did almost 500 miles of wall and the southern border. It was really working, it really had an impact, and we were working along with Mexico and Guatemala, Honduras. We were in El Salvador; all of these countries. So we had the most secure border we’ve ever had… And then it’s all gone in one instant. At first, I thought it was gross incompetence, but now it’s incompetent policy. They really want to have an open border.”

Trump said of enemies of the US, “They’re all watching and they can’t believe what they’re seeing.”