Former President Donald Trump expressed on Tuesday that he remains unfazed by former Vice President Mike Pence’s choice not to endorse his campaign for the presidency. When questioned about Pence’s recent remarks regarding him, Trump stated that he was completely unconcerned by Pence’s decision to retract his commitment to back the Republican Party’s chosen candidate.

Version 1: Former President Donald Trump stated on Tuesday that he is unperturbed by former Vice President Mike Pence’s decision not to endorse his White House bid. When asked about the comments made by his former vice president and 2020 running mate last week, Trump mentioned that he was not bothered at all by Pence’s choice to go back on his promise to support the GOP’s eventual nominee.

“I couldn’t care less,” Trump told reporters of Pence’s stance on his third White House bid as he voted in the Florida primary.

“We need patriots,” Trump added. “We need strong people in our country. Our country is going downhill very fast, very rapidly.”

Trump also criticized Pence, who halted his own presidential campaign in October of last year, even before a single vote was cast in the Republican primary.

“We need strong people in this country. We don’t need weak people,” Trump said.

Pence conducted an unsuccessful campaign that did not connect with voters and pledged in August to adhere to the Republican National Committee’s guideline requiring candidates to commit to backing the eventual presidential nominee to be eligible for debate participation. However, in a recent interview with Fox News last Friday, the ex-Indiana governor stated that he could not, “in good conscience,” endorse Trump.