(CBrief) – Donald Trump’s attorney Alina Habba shared a big update on Fox News ahead of the former president’s arraignment on Tuesday in New York.

Alina Habba spoke on Fox News about Trump being indicted late last week by a Manhattan grand jury in a case involving his purported role in hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election, allegedly to keep Daniels quiet about an affair the two of them had in 2006.

“You know, we have Letitia James, that’s probably the most prominent one that I want to discuss because that is, again, a corrupt system. They’re going after the Trump Organization, poor Allen Weisselberg is sitting in Rikers Island right now over what, valuations? This is a real estate company that has done extremely well, is successful, and they’re trying to take them and all of their individuals that lead that company down for nothing. You know, they got three years of special proceeding investigations. They interviewed almost 60 people. We have five weeks. We have a complaint filed many November, it’s going to trial in October,” Habba began.

“This shows exactly how corrupt New York’s judicial system has become. The D.A.s and the A.G.s, Jim Jordan, I hope he brings in each and every one of them and asks them where the funding came from and how they think it’s appropriate to take funding away from the city that is now falling apart, which I used to love. They are taking funding away while people are dying and there is crime rampant in the streets to go after the leading GOP Republican candidate. It is unacceptable,” she added.

“That is, for me, the most important case I have. Other than that, you know, a lot of them are cases where we have to defend against things like election fraud, things like — I have a case in Pennsylvania, you know, somebody tweeted something and they sue Donald Trump. You know, I have a case against Mary Trump and The New York Times. I’m defending the case against E. Jean Carroll In three weeks on trial in New York. Again, the same thing, rapid, rapid trials,” she concluded.


Trump is expected in court on Tuesday and reportedly planned to speak from his Mar-a-Lego estate in Florida later that day. However, District Attorney Alvin Bragg is likely going to seek a gag order, which would prevent the former president from speaking about the case.

“I think it’s not only a possibility, but there will likely be a gag order in the case,” Duncan Levin, a former federal prosecutor with the Department of Justice, told Insider. “Gag orders are very common in criminal cases, particularly where there is an enormous amount of pretrial publicity like this one.”

If the judge issues a gag order and Trump violates it, the punishment for criminal contempt under New York law is a fine not exceeding $1,000, jail for up to 30 days, or both.

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan has come out swinging in defense of Trump and is threatening to defund any government agencies that engage in election interference.

During an interview on Fox News, Jordan sounded off on government agencies politically targeting Trump ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

“The key is to get the facts on the table. We’re doing that with all kinds of issues where we think agencies have been turned against the very American people they’re supposed to serve. So you get the facts on the table, and then you look at legislation. Our job is we’re legislators. Our job is to pass legislation, write laws and pass legislation. So we’ll look at that. We control the power of the purse, and that’s — we’re going to have to look at the appropriations process and limit funds going to some of these agencies, particularly the ones engaged in the most egregious behavior,” Jordan declared.

“So the DOJ and the FBI?” host Maria Bartiromo asked.

“Yeah. And what I’d really like, frankly, I’d like for the government just to stay out of the election process. 2016, they spied on his campaign. 2018, the Mueller investigation. 2020 they suppressed the hunter Biden story. 2022, they raid his home 91 days before an election, and now 2024 election, the leading candidate for the presidential nomination, they indict the former president and top candidate who’s leading in every poll,” Jordan pointed out.

“Just let ‘We, The People’ decide who we want to elect and stay out of the election process, for goodness sake,” Jordan urged.

Jordan emphasized that this is bigger than Trump, noting “This involves all of us. I don’t think it’s an accident that the same week we learned that the IRS knocked on Matt Taibbi’s door while he was testifying in Congress. That same week is when we learned a district attorney, a left-wing district attorney, a Soros-backed district attorney is going to go after the former President of the United States.”