(The Post Millennial) – Tucker Carlson spoke on Thursday night about radio iron Howard Stern, and how he has changed so much, in a negative way, since the pandemic started. This after Stern called for those who are not vaccinated to be denied medical treatment.

“If it was up to me, anyone unvaccinated would not be admitted to a hospital. At this point, they have been given plenty of opportunity to get the vaccine,” Stern said, according to Variety .

“Howard Stern, by any measure, is one of the greatest radio hosts of all time. [He makes a] huge amount of money for doing what he does, but there’s a reason for it,” Carlson said.

“He was incredibly brave and creative. Vulgar, yes, but truly talented, but, above all, courageous,” Carlson went on to say.

“… There was a lot that was impressive about Howard Stern, for sure, and that bravery allowed him to be creative, but no more,” Carlson said.

“He’s now a coward, and his broadcast is now about cowardice, amplifying his fears about corona over the air, and attacking anybody else who has decided to live life as a free person,” Carlson said.

Stern had said on this show that those who are not vaccinated “have been told you will die if you get the vaccine. Some of you will live, but most of you will die. [These people] don’t trust our government. They think that there’s some conspiracy to turn them into a magnet or something like this,” Stern said. “They think they are going to become magnetized if they take the vaccine. I’ve taken this vaccine three times, and the worst side effect is for a day, I had a little bit of a headache.”

“Americans don’t want to create a vaccine that’s going to turn you into a robot or magnetize you,” Stern said. “There’s enough Americans now that have taken it. Look at us as a sampling where nothing has happened to us.
It’s time for you to get it. Now, if you don’t get it, in my America, all hospitals would be closed to you. You’re going to go home and die. That is what you should get. Absolutely.”

Tucker played some audio of a previous Howard Stern show, where he openly calls for vaccines to be mandatory, and admits that he doesn’t go out of his home.

“So, this is a guy who’s had every vax available, and he’s still hiding in his basement, because the vaccine works so well that he can’t go out. Right,” Carlson said.

“So, when other people disagree when Aaron Rogers, for example, the athlete, decided to make his own medical decisions about the vaccine, Howard Stern was enraged. He said Rogers should be kicked out of the NFL,” Carlson said.

“Socializing is now off-limits to Howard Stern. He scolded Oprah, because she had the audacity to host – brace yourself – a Christmas party,” Carlson said.

Stern, Carlson said, lashed out at Oprah, as well as those who are unvaccinated. “In my America, all hospitals would be closed to you. You’re gonna go home and die,” opined Stern.

“So, if you don’t trust the government, you don’t get healthcare and you should die,” Carlson said, summarizing Stern’s take.

“So the bigger question is: how did this brave, creative guy become a tool, a craven tool, of the powerful, wishing death on some of his listeners?” Carlson asked.

“There’s something said about this, really sad,” he concluded.