(The Post Millennial) – Fox News host Tucker Carlson discussed the explosive Durham report during a segment on Monday which found that the Clinton Campaign paid operatives to “infiltrate” Trump Tower and White House servers to link Trump to Russia during the 2016 Presidential Election.

“For four years, no dangerous conspiracy theory was considered more dangerous or more conspiratorial than the claim that Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign had spied on Donald Trump. The very idea that Hillary Clinton of all people had spied on anyone was preposterous, the media informed us,” Tucker Carlson said. “Only a lunatic would claim otherwise.”

“By making a charge like that, in fact, Trump was emboldening our enemies and degrading the public’s confidence in our democratic system. So, it wasn’t a stupid opinion that Trump had. It was really a form of treason,” Carlson explained, discussing the democratic playbook.

The Fox News host went on to air a previous interview between former President Trump and 60 Minutes’ Leslie Stahl which got heated after the host shot down Trump’s claims that Hillary Clinton spied on his campaign–accusations that are now reportedly true.

During the interview, the CBS host alleged that they wouldn’t be able to air the interview because they wouldn’t be able to “verify” the allegations against the Clinton campaign. Tucker Carlson pointed out the network’s hypocrisy and explained that CBS News peddled the Russia collusion hoax without “verifying” the allegations.

“We still remember a CBS News piece from 2016. They claimed that Donald Trump was secretly working with Vladimir Putin. So, the question is how CBS News verified those facts?” Carlson asked.
On Jake Sullivan, the US National Security Advisor to President Biden, who went on CNN and falsely accused the Trump campaign of having a “secret hotline” to Russia, Carlson explained that elitists “will say anything if it gives them power.”

“Listen carefully to what Jake Sullivan said, ‘I don’t have a line into the FBI on this.’ So, you’ll notice that Sullivan went out of his way to say that which should have been a very clear sign that it was a lie, and indeed, it was a lie. In fact, the Hillary Clinton for president campaign was coordinating directly with the FBI. A Clinton lawyer called Michael Sussman had been feeding false claims about Trump and Russia once again from that crack team of nonpartisan computer scientists to the General Counsel of the FBI, a man called James Baker.”

“But Sussman didn’t stop there in February of 2017,” Carlson said. “After the election, Sussman also met with the General Counsel at CIA. So, at this point, you may be wondering, but the identity of those nonpartisan computer scientists who dug up all this new information about Donald Trump’s direct connection to Vladimir Putin. Who are these people? We may not be shocked to learn they weren’t nonpartisan. Once again, Jake Sullivan was lying to us. In fact, a pro Hillary Clinton activist from South Africa had put together a team of digital researchers, OPPO guys we used to call them, most of them came from Georgia Tech.”

“In emails, he explained why he was doing this. He wanted Hillary to win the presidency because Hillary Clinton had promised him a job as a top cybersecurity officer in the US government. So he wanted to help Hillary when he said that, in order to do that, he gave us nonpartisan computer scientists admission, their job was to gather data they had access to thanks to a pentagon contract in order to connect Donald Trump to Putin. Now, we know all this thanks to a new court filing from Special Counsel John Durham, who spent the last few years investigating the origins of the Russia hoax and is finally producing some material.”

“They had a goal,” Carlson said. “They were trying to get Hillary elected president.”