(Palmieri Report) – The sham Jan 6th committee is hiding something.

They went into full damage control mode when Ray Epps’ name was mentioned at a Senate hearing.

They initially claimed they had already talked to Epps — that narrative fell apart when they admitted it was under oath.

They have finally spoken to Epps but they are not releasing the transcript.

Tucker Carlson blasted the committee saying “They Are lying About Ray Epps.”

“We are told there is an insurrection on January 6th…That is obviously a lie but if anybody if anyone was shown to be insurrecting that day it was a mysterious man called Ray Epps. He appears to be in his late 60s…was on camera a number of times encouraging people to breach the Captiol. So, if you were trying to get to the bottom of the insurrection you would definitely want to do something about Ray Epps. He has not been indicted, he is not facing charges. Now, supposedly the January 6th committee spoke to Ray Epps today. It wasn’t public…we aren’t getting a transcript of that interview for some reason. But that is pretty strange. Because several days ago Adam Kinzinger told us that the committee had already spoken to Ray Epps and in fact he held Ray Epps as a hero and thanked him for his cooperation. What is going on here? They are lying about Ray Epps there is no question about that. What exactly are they hiding?”