(Becker News) – Twitter engineering manager Jay Holler had an ugly public meltdown upon learning the news that free speech proponent Elon Musk was appointed to the Big Tech giant’s board.

“OK, I’m radicalized now,” Holler said.

It turns out that he was radicalized a long time before Elon Musk showed up on the Twitter company scene. Holler even said that he was “broken” by the news, which apparently means he might have to treat all users more fairly and respectfully.

Holler had been following the news about Musk acquiring a 9.2% stake in Twitter worth nearly $3 billion. The big baller move put Musk as the single largest individual stakeholder, albeit considerably below a controlling stake at 40% of shares.

When Musk was announced by the CEO Parag Agrawal as a member of the Board, Holler ranked it as one of the worst tweets he had ever seen.

His choice of gif sums up his reaction.

The Twitter engineering manager then revealed that he had blocked Musk on the platform.

Holler unleashed a litany of far-left dumpster diving on Musk and his companies in the desperate attempt to paint him as racist and anti-trans. Standard leftist operating procedure.

In the substack article “The Coming Collapse of Elon Musk,” the author unleashes a tirade of accusations against Elon Musk.

“How does a man who harasses whistleblowers, abuses most laws, rules, and regulations, supposedly has employees spied on, and advocates for a greener future while creating a huge carbon footprint become the most prominent, richest person on the planet? This is a question we’ll ask ourselves when the Musk bubble bursts, but the reality is we already know the answer,” the substack said.

“Crony capitalism combined with ultra-cheap monetary conditions has enabled Dr. Evil-type figures to pursue their wildest fantasies, all while figuratively mooning the authorities on their own front lawn. The list of Musk’s shenanigans is endless. It’s the Elonwashing era,” it added.

Apparently, Holler is oblivious to the fact he works at a Big Tech company that had a hand in rigging the election against Donald Trump, banning users for free speech that was wrongfully labeled as “misinformation,” and shadowbanning conservatives who defy the radical narrative.

Holler then threw in some kind of vague accusation that I don’t have the inclination to translate from radical-speak.

As of Saturday, Holler was still retweeting in anger against Elon Musk pressuring Twitter engineers to be held accountable for their blatantly biased, pro-left algorithm.

Just like Trump broke the mainstream media, it appears that Musk has broken Big Tech. That just might make him the right man at the right time to fix it.