(The Post Millennial) – Two men who escaped Afghanistan joined Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday to discuss their brutal struggle fleeing the country as they watched Afghanistan fall to the Taliban.

“We really lost hope,” Syed Mosavy said, a college student and US citizen who was brutally attacked by the Taliban while trying to flee Afghanistan.

Mosavy explained that the Taliban attacked his group after the US embassy directed them to head to the airport and said the Taliban wouldn’t let them through the gates despite having US citizenship and gate passes.

“They would hit us with the back of a machine gun, they would hit us with stones. They would hit women. I mean, we saw children die in there,” Mosavy said. “We tried several days just to get through the gates. We were supposed to be the priority because we were the US citizens.”

The Fox News host asked Muhammed, an interpreter who flew back to Afghanistan to attend a family members funeral, to detail his experience fleeing the country. Muhammed said his primary concern is for the safety of his family trapped behind the Kabul airport gates.

“We really worry about our families and most of my relatives are still waiting to enter the gates with complete documents. But most people are waiting and try to enter the gates without any documents. That’s why they make problem for everyone,” Muhammed told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday.