Whoopi Goldberg has expressed her disagreement with former President Donald Trump’s comments on what he perceives as an “anti-white” sentiment in the nation. In an interview with Time Magazine, the ex-president discussed his vision for a potential second term and condemned the Biden administration for its stance against individuals holding specific beliefs.

“They’re against Catholics. They’re against a lot of different people… I think there is a definite anti-white feeling in this country and that can’t be allowed either,” Trump claimed.

He went on:

“I don’t think it would be a very tough thing to address, frankly. But I think the laws are very unfair right now. And education is being very unfair, and it’s being stifled. But I don’t think it’s going to be a big problem at all. But if you look right now, there’s absolutely a bias against white [people]and that’s a problem.”

During a segment of ABC’s “The View,” Goldberg took issue with Trump’s comment.

“It engraged me,” she said. “‘There is a definite anti-white feeling in this country.’”

Watch the video below: