(TStarnes) – The latest episode of the Disney+ children’s series “Proud Family” teaches kids that America was founded on “White Supremacy” and tells white kids they owe black people “reparations.”

The episode, called “Louder and Prouder,” shows the kids in the series learning about Juneteenth. In the episode, the kids also learn their town was founded by a slave owner.

After learning this, the children perform a song about how they view America and its history.

The song begins with the line, “This country was built on slavery — which means slaves built this country.” The line is repeated several times throughout the children’s performance.


The song takes listeners through American history as viewed by Marxists and Critical Race theorists.

“We the descendants of slaves in America have earned reparations for their suffering,” the song says. “And continue to earn reparations every moment we spend submerged in a systemic prejudice, racism and white supremacy that America was founded with and still has not atoned for.”

The song calls out white children who may be watching the Disney cartoon, saying, “We made your families rich, from the southern plantation heirs, to the northern bankers, to the New England ship owners, the founding fathers, former presidents, current senators.”

Conservatives reacted harshly to the blatant political indoctrination being peddled by Disney.

Jack Posobiec said the episode teaches kids to hate themselves and their country.

“Imagine paying money to Disney to teach your kids to hate themselves and hate their country,” he wrote on Twitter.

The popular conservative page @endwokeness called the scene “blatant anti-white propaganda.”