(BLP) – The fake news rag Politico has named Russian President Vladimir Putin one of its 28 green energy heroes of 2022, claiming that his “brutal invasion of Ukraine has forced Europe to finally break its fossil fuel addiction.”

Politico seems to argue that Putin is a green hero because his invasion indirectly led to soaring energy costs, which is what far-left extremists have been pining for as they sacrifice human prosperity and progress to satisfy their pagan deity of Mother Earth.

“By invading Ukraine and manipulating energy supplies to undermine European support for Kyiv, Russian President Vladimir Putin has achieved something generations of green campaigners could not — clean energy is now a fundamental matter of European security,” they wrote.

Politico paints Europe’s painful current struggles as a good thing because they are sacrificing for the greater good of ending fossil fuels (ie. cheap, abundant energy).

“The green acceleration doesn’t mean Europeans will avoid a succession of brutally cold and expensive winters. This crisis also means that governments across the bloc have been preoccupied with short-term measures to stave off blackouts, rather than doing their utmost to aid the longer-term energy shift,” they wrote.

“But those immediate actions to keep the lights on are largely temporary and might avoid longer-term dirty investments. A reversion to coal power in several countries means a surge in emissions, but it’s also killed the idea that natural gas will serve as a “bridge” fuel to ease the path to net-zero emissions — something that had been an article of faith in EU thinking for much of the past decade,” Politico added.

Of course, this fake news propaganda is the opposite of what is true. Countries in Europe that adopted green policies shut down their domestic energy production, supposedly to help the environment, and then became more dependent on Russia for natural gas. If Europe continues to adopt these policies, they will become more dependent on authoritarian foreign regimes to be able to keep their lights on.

Big League Politics has reported on how Russia is getting the highest profits for their energy exports in history as Western sanctions backfire spectacularly:

“An analyst with the German Science and Politics Foundation is projecting that Russia will see the highest gas profits in history for 2022 despite sanctions from the U.S. and Western powers.

“Almost half of the Russian budget is based on transactions with oil and gas. The state earns enormously from production taxes and export duties,” said Janis Kluge, a researcher who studies primarily Eurasia-based economics.

“It receives the income in rubles, and the amount is determined by two factors: firstly, by energy prices on the world market and, secondly, by the exchange rate of the ruble,” Kluge added.

Kluge believes that the sanctions are backfiring and actually causing Russia to make additional profits considering the West cannot afford to deny their energy exports.

“The gas price on the spot markets has quintupled within the past year. That means Gazprom will have record revenues,” he said.

“Russia planned the national budget with a dollar-ruble exchange rate of 72, but now the ruble is around 85, much weaker, but with a view to energy exports this is an advantage. If we multiply the oil price by the ruble exchange rate, it shows that Moscow expected revenues of around 4,500 rubles per barrel of oil, but is getting much more, around 7,000 rubles,” Kluge added.

The analyst believes that the effect will be to lessen Russian inflation, and the sanctions will not cause a major impact on the Russian economy as a result.”

Western Civilization is cratering, and this green energy nonsense is hastening its demise. Russia will be a benefactor from the West’s insane policies.