According to a viral video, Walt Disney World in Florida has reportedly hired a man to portray the evil queen from Snow White in drag at its Wilderness Lodge resort. The performer was also encountered by a family dining at the resort, with the father noting that the Evil Queen had a man’s voice. The Wilderness Lodge in Orlando offers various dining experiences for visitors, including a Snow White character meet-and-greet. In the video, the performer playing the “evil queen” interacts with a visitor who expresses excitement over the character.


“It was kind of loud inside so I couldn’t really hear what the character was saying until I got face to face (typical conversation distance of a few feet) and then it hit me that the Evil Queen without a doubt had a man’s voice,” the father said.

He added that he later spoke to a manger who stated “I can assure you that she is a woman.” When asked if the performer was a biological male, the manager reportedly replied, “I’m sorry sir, I cannot answer that.”