(CBrief) – President Joe Biden is going to snub an old tradition for presidents as he will not sit with Fox News for an interview during the Super Bowl.

CNN reporters Oliver Darcy and Betsy Klein said that the “Fox News snub was the latest example of the Democratic president continuing to ice out the right-wing channel and decline requests to sit down with its hosts and anchors,” CNN reported.

But not sitting for an interview to promote his agenda to the predicted 100 million people who are set to watch the Super Bowl may not be the wisest idea.

The negotiations with Fox News included the offer of conducting the interview on Fox Soul so that the president would not be sign with a high profile Fox News anchor.

“The President was looking forward to an interview with Fox Soul to discuss the Super Bowl, the State of the Union, and critical issues impacting the everyday lives of Black Americans. We’ve been informed that Fox Corp has asked for the interview to be cancelled,” White House Press Secretary Jean-Pierre said on Twitter on Friday.

Hours after that tweet Fox News said that there was a miscommunication with the White house and the interview was still scheduled, but the White house than disputed that claim.

“As we said earlier, we had arranged an interview with Fox Sports Host Mike Hill & Vivica A. Fox with the President ahead of the Super Bowl and Fox Corp had the interview cancelled,” a White House spokesperson said to CNN. “Fox has since put out a statement indicating the interview was rescheduled, which is inaccurate.”

A Super Bowl interview with the network hosting the big game is typical but President Biden is not the first president to snub the Super Bowl interview.

Former President Donald Trump decided not to be interviewed by NBC News anchor Lester Holt when NBC aired the Super Bowl in 2018.

But the CNN reporters said that there is more to the Fox News snub than meets they eye.

“Biden has not granted Fox News a single interview during his presidency, despite the network repeatedly asking. The channel portrays him and his administration in a negative light, with far-right personalities such as Tucker Carlson regularly launching vicious attacks on Biden,” the reporters said.

“Fox Corp. on Thursday had not been formally turned down, but was “operating like it’s not happening,” according to a person familiar with the matter at Fox News, who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the interview.

“Biden sat down for two television interviews earlier in the week, one with PBS NewsHour and another with Telemundo, which makes the snub all the more notable,” they said.

Chris Kofinis, a Democratic strategist, said that President Bien’s decision could be a strategic mistake considering the viewership of the Super Bowl, NBC News reported.

“Any time you get to speak to that many millions of Americans, it’s an enormous positive,” he said. “You gotta do it, no matter who is asking the questions.”

The ABC talk show “The View” had a debate about the interview when it was believed to still be happening.

“I don’t think he should. I mean, I know that it’s a tradition,” co-host Sunny Hostin said. “The pregame show, this pre interview would only get about 20 million viewers. I think he got something like 27.3 for the State of the Union. So people have seen him, they’ve heard him. And I don’t think you normalize the misinformation network.”

“I just, I have trouble believing that he should sit down even with a Shannon Bream or even with a Bret Baier, because the bottom line is they work for a network that puts forth conspiracy theories,” the co-host said.

Another co-host, Joy Behar largely agreed. She said that the hosts on Fox News “keep saying he’s a liar when they’re the liars. Why would he go over that?”

But Republican co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin, who worked for the administration of former President Trump, disagreed.

“I totally disagree on this one,” the co-host said.“I think the biggest thing wrong with our politics right now is people exist in their echo chambers.

“So a lot of Fox viewers don’t even hear about things that Biden might have talked about on other networks. I think he ran saying he wants to be a president for all Americans. That includes Republicans, he should talk to them,” she said.