(The Post Millennial) – CNN host Brian Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” drew an abysmal 656,000 viewers on Father’s Day, marking the show’s smallest audience size of 2021. The left-wing program has fallen short of the 1 million viewer benchmark for 12 straight weeks.

The egregious turnout marked the first time in 2021 that “Reliable Sources” failed to attract 700,000 viewers, Fox News reported Tuesday. The show’s performance during the prior week was also lackluster among the viewers from the key demographic of adults aged 25 to 54 that is coveted by advertisers, averaging just 124,000 consumers for its second-worst performance of the year in the category.

“MediaBuzz,” an hour-long news media criticism program on Fox News hosted by Howard Kurtz, is Stelter’s direct timeslot competitor. Both shows air live on Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m. EST. The conservative counterpart averaged 1.14 million viewers to overtake “Reliable Sources” by 74 percent.

Stelter’s show managed to lose 13 percent of viewers from its June 13 episode, which first held the humiliating smallest-audience-of-the-year title. For the 11th straight week at the time, Stelter was unable to reach the one million-viewer mark.

The abhorrent drop came days after podcast host Joe Rogan blasted Stelter’s program for complaining about how certain YouTubers garner more viewers than CNN. Rogan described the likes of Stelter during the post-Trump era as “entitled” and antiquated. “This is because the market has spoken…” Rogan countered.

During an appearance on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal earlier, the CNN host was referred to at the “minister of misinformation” and roasted by call-in guests.

In an interview with White House press secretary Jen Psaki, he asked for the administration spokesperson’s approval of the media coverage on “Biden’s agenda.” Stelter asked Psaki, “What does the press get wrong when covering Biden’s agenda?” adding: “What do you think we get wrong?”

The CNN personality’s viewership has declined as the show’s ratings continue to suffer during the Biden administration. Stelter was seen partying alongside CNN colleagues with the disgraced Jeffrey Toobin days after the liberal network welcomed the legal analyst back after an almost eight-month absence over an embarrassing Zoom masturbation scandal. The career rehabilitation tour featured CNN hosts and anchors Kate Bolduan, John Avlon, Ana Cabrera, Poppy Harlow, Christine Romans, Donie O’Sullivan, and Victor Blackwell, reported Politico.